What is the difference between the Direct Connect and Web Connect?


Every time you want to reconcile your accounts, you log into your CenterState Bank Online Banking and manually download a Quicken-compatible file to your computer. Then you simply import the downloaded file into Quicken.

  • Is provided free of service charge
  • Allows you to keep a close hand on all steps of the process, including the transfer of information from the bank to Quicken.
  • Ability to download statements with specific date ranges.


Direct Connect Quicken connects you directly to the website. All you need to do is click a button and enter your login and password. DirectConnect retrieves your statements and uploads them into Quicken, ready for you to reconcile at your convenience.

  • Provided for a monthly service charge.
  • Requires Bill Pay.

How do I disconnect my Intuit Direct Connect?

To disconnect from Intuit Direct Connect please use one of the following: NOTE:  All transactions must be matched or added to the register prior to the deactivation of your account(s).

Quicken for Windows

  1. Click on Tools > Account List.
  2. Click on Edit.
  3. On the Account Details dialog box, go to Online Services tab.
  4. Click on Change connection method if the option is there, if not click Deactivate button instead.
  5. Once the account has been deactivated, click on Set up now.
  6. Click on Advance Setup on the bottom of Activate One Step Update Window.
  7. Enter the name of your bank and continue with the setup.

Quicken for Mac

  1. Click on the account name for your account(s) in the Account toolbar in Quicken
  2. Click the Settings icon in the bottom right corner of the screen
  3. Under At Your Financial Institution section click on Downloads
  4. Click on Change Connection Type (NOTE: you’ll only be able to change the connection method to one that your bank supports).
  5. Continue with the setup.

How do I get the Quicken Web Connect?

Our Quicken Web Connect is already available and free if you have a CenterState Bank Online Banking Account.

Log in to your CenterState Online Banking application via your computer,

Select the Personal Settings link at the top of the page,

Click on the Intuit Tab,

Select Web Connect,

Next Select the Account and Date Range you wish to download,

Finally, Import the file into your Quicken.

What is considered a valid WebConnect file to import?

Allowable WebConnect file to import are the following:

  • .qfx (Quicken)
  • .csv (MS Excel)

How can I import this data in WebConnect? 

  1. In Quicken go to “File>Import”
  2. Next select the “Web Connect File”
  3. Find your QFX file, click on it and select “Open” to select the Web Connect file from their computer.
  4. Your transactions have now been imported.