Mortgage Loan Checklist

CenterState Bank has made Purchasing, Refinancing, or Building a home easier providing you a Mortgage Loan Checklist.

Please provide copies of the following documents as they relate to your loan.

Property Type Information

Purchase: Contract (not required on a pre-approval)
Refinance: Warranty Deed
Title Insurance
Survey - With raised seal Homeowners Insurance - Declaration Page
New Construction: Contract
Final Plans
Specifications (these are not required on a pre-approval)
Lot purchase: Contract (if purchased separately)

Verification of Income & Employment (covering the past two years)

Salaried: W-2's last 2 years
Pay Stubs - last 30 days
Comission / Bonuses: Tax Returns - last 2 years (all schedules)
Pay Stubs - last 30 days
Pension: days 1099' s - last 2 years
Pension Awards Letters
Social Security: Letters 1099-s -last 2 years
Social Security Awards Letter
Self-Employed: Tax Returns - last 2 years
(Personal and Business - all schedules)
Child Support: Printout from the court on monthly payments or copy of cancelled checks and copy of divorce/legal papers showing child support

Verification of Assets and Funds for Closing

Bank Account: Last 2 months statements (all pages & accounts)
Investment Accounts: Last 2 months statements (all pages & accounts)
Retirement Accounts: Current statements (all pages & accounts)
Home Pending Sale: Copy of the Listing Agreement or Contract
Proceeds from Sale of Home: Copy of HUD-l Settlement Statement
Gift Funds: Gift-letter and evidence the funds have been received

Residency (covering the past two years)

Mortgage / Landlord: Name, Address, Phone (if applicable)